Why content is more important for an effective SEO based on the latest Google algorithm?

Why content is more important for an effective SEO based on the latest Google algorithm?

Despite how difficult it is to create high-quality content, many brands struggle to create more and more content even than ever before. So why is content that very important and what are its benefits for SEO? One thing is for sure, without content than SEO would otherwise have nothing to optimize for the search engines. Content marketing is very different when compared to other areas of digital marketing like SEO and social media. In fact, all of them are just around thanks to content. All the keywords that internet users type into the search engines are all just in an effort to find content which comes in form of emails, tweets, landing pages, and product descriptions. In other words, content is the heart of anything and everything that a digital marketer does. To help you understand more on the importance of content, here are 7 benefits of content for SEO.

Improving your Brand’s Reputation

In the current digital marketing world, it is of utmost importance for any businesses working towards building trust with its customers. When you build trust with your customers, your business will categorically have a positive brand reputation and your customers will view you as a leader in your specific niche. The best way to build trust with your leads and customers is through providing them with great content. When your leads and customers find that your content is quality, valuable, and engaging, they will start developing a positive opinion about your business. The more valuable content you will be able to offer to them, the easier it will be for you to build your trust with them In addition, the search engines will also repay you with higher rankings.

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Capturing New Leads

Another major benefit of Content for SEO is capturing new leads. Using a variety of approaches, you can use content to capture new leads. If you are a small business that largely depends on a traffic that is consistent then you knew how important is lead generation. While it will probably take some time when using content for lead generation, you will eventually see the results. Despite being effective, content creation is much more affordable which means that even a small business will be able to realize impressive ROI with time

Building Links

For those marketers whose marketing activities depend on organic search visibility, content is very important when it comes to link acquisition and ranking specific keywords. Being an essential element in an SEO campaign, a few high quality and relevant backlinks are very important. Nowadays, great links can only be got through having stellar content. Regardless of whether you create a must-read eBook or thought-provoking blog post, it is only the quality of your website content that will make other websites want to link to you or not. Obviously, a top-rated website cannot risk sending it’s hard-earned traffic to your website through a link unless your website has content that will provide their traffic with high-quality blog posts.

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Keep visitors on your pages for longer

When someone comes to your website and doesn’t find what he or she is looking for, the person will definitely leave right away. When someone leaves right away without even visiting your other pages, it is called a bounce while the percentage representing people doing this is bounce rate. It is important to know that Google factors even metrics like your bounce rate into the overall SEO profile of your website. When Google notices that you have a higher bounce rate, it will realize that there is something wrong with your website and it definitively won’t continue ranking it highly. When content is done thoughtfully, it can help you solve problems like having a high bounce rate.

Social validation

Many blog posts and website pages rank high on the search engines due to social validation. If you are a small business, you can easily acquire social validation by creating high-quality content. When you write great content, people will find in it what they are looking for and as a result engage further with it through the social media. As they share links to your website on their social media timelines, the search engines will notice these and use the validation to further rank high your links.

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Search Task Accomplishment

Have you ever asked yourself if your content solves any purpose? Nowadays, there is a new trend in search engine rankings known as “Search Task Accomplishment”. If you have noticed, this phrase has become the newest lingo online especially in the SEO circles. Soon, the search engines will start ranking the content of your website according to whether or not it achieves its true purpose. Google is currently working on a new search rankings algorithm which will be able to determine whether your website visitors are able to find the exact information that they were looking for or need. This can only be achieved by providing high quality and diverse content that your website users find valuable to them.

Google prefers detailed and substantial content

According to recent studies, pages that rank high in the Search engines results are mostly those with the highest amount of content. In most cases, you will find that content that is fully informative and detailed often tend to be longer. For example, when you are online searching for the answer to something or a tutorial, in most cases you will find a detailed page right away. This is because SEO has evolved and apart from only considering factors like keyword density, it has even incorporated other additional factors. Therefore, you should always strive to create substantial and fully detailed content that your website visitors will appreciate.


While digital marketers can greatly improve SEO using content, the benefits of content go far beyond search engine visibility and increase your website rankings. From filling the gaps in your sales funnel to creating the feeling of goodwill among your visitors, content also has a host of other benefits to your leads and potential customers. Now that we have seen how content can improve to a greater extent your SEO, your in goal should be coming up with a content marketing strategy that will be beneficial to both your website and website visitors.

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