Instagram Names for Girls, Boys, Couples, & Lovers (Not Taken)

Instagram Names for Girls, Boys, Couples, & Lovers (Not Taken)

“What’s in a name?” has faded away long back with Instagram setting foot in the social media network. Instagram, one of the most popular social media networks with a large user base allows the users to share their memorable moments with dear ones.

Getting it straight to the point where Instagram has changed the time of “what’s in a name?” to “Everything’s in the name!”. Because Instagram has the “followers” concept, where the users try to increase their followers by using images and attractive Instagram names.

The more catchy the username, the huger is the list of followers you have. Keeping in mind the efforts these young-blooded Instagram users put to have unique and eye-catching usernames, we have compiled a list of Instagram names for everyone: Girls, Boys, Couples, and Lovers.

Instagram Names for Girls

So, starting with the girls, the table below gives you a brief idea of general Instagram names for girls with different categories of tastes.











CookieDiva HotXoom LadySilent eyesLil miss silly
Butter_flyBite GloryGrace showerBorn HyperSilly pie
HoneySnowflakeIceflameTeen smileWrong_advisor
Non saneBlissSizzling_breezeHeart tickerGirl_with_no_name
ButtercupShimmerBaby boldWell checkedOops Lady
JellybeansGarden_HeartEye rollerDay HawkMistake_repeater
Pepper_candyglitterDream_catcherIce GeekUsernamenotfound

Here are a few more

  1. QueenOfStyle
  2. BelleOfTheBall
  3. LadyOfGrace
  4. MissSunshine
  5. DarlingDreamer
  6. MysticMaiden
  7. AngelicAura
  8. RadiantBeauty
  9. SheerElegance
  10. Fashionista
  11. EnchantingSoul
  12. AngelicHeart
  13. SweetSerenity
  14. GlamorousGoddess
  15. SoulfulSiren
  16. SheIsPower
  17. GracefulGaze
  18. DreamWeaver
  19. LovelyLady
  20. MysticMuse.

Instagram Names for Boys

Moving on to the boys, we have some freshly brewed names for the boys too. The table below gives a brief idea of general Instagram usernames for boys with different categories of tastes.











Lucky LadSilver shadesGame slayerMagicalMutesSarcastic sperm
Freak TreatBad captainNucking FutzJupiter FestWhite Rabit
ShowRunnerDead DealBeacon BossGunhawkBlack knight
ScarfaceRacer HellSmart swagBorn ConfusedMad_foodie
NeuroticMisty MolesSwagswampedHitch hikerI_am_who_knocks
ArrowBroken PawsTricky mindToxicLovely_poison
FirehawkFreak BadWild BornAtomic_RoosterPlanted_Brain
PerfectharmonyCruiserCouch kingNightmareSecret_Agent
InternetmonsterHyper_intakeGame changerDeadline dorkCrying_rock

Here are a few more

  1. AlphaKnight
  2. CaptainCharming
  3. MrAdventurer
  4. TheGentleman
  5. ManOfStyle
  6. MrConfident
  7. TheBossMan
  8. KingOfCool
  9. TheDreamChaser
  10. UrbanExplorer
  11. TheRealGent
  12. MrSmile
  13. FashionForward
  14. TheOneAndOnly
  15. FutureLeader
  16. LifeEnthusiast
  17. MrPositiveVibes
  18. StreetStyleKing
  19. DynamicDude
  20. AdventureSeeker.

 Instagram Names for Couples

Couples these days need to have some extra sassy names added to their Instagram account to show how much they are in love. And, with this intent in mind, the table below gives a brief idea of general Instagram usernames for couples.








Here are a few more

  1. CoupleGoals
  2. Lovebirds
  3. TogetherForever
  4. ThePerfectPair
  5. HappilyEverAfter
  6. OurLoveStory
  7. TwoHeartsOneSoul
  8. InseparableLove
  9. LoveWinsAlways
  10. EndlessLoveJourney
  11. Heartthrobs
  12. ForeverAndAlways
  13. CrazyInLove
  14. AlwaysAndForever
  15. BestPartnerEver
  16. CoupleAdventures
  17. LoveInBloom
  18. LoveAndLaughter
  19. LoveTakesOver
  20. SweetheartSquad.

Instagram Names for Lovers

Here again, the names need to sugar-coated and show how much the couple is in love or how much they feel for each other. So, yet again, another table below gives you a brief idea of general Instagram usernames for Lovers.







2hearts_1soulFellforeachOtherBaby’s babe

Here are a few more

  1. ForeverYours
  2. MyHeartBeatsForYou
  3. TogetherForever
  4. Lovebirds
  5. Soulmates
  6. OurJourneyTogether
  7. TwoHeartsOneLove
  8. LoveWinsAlways
  9. HappilyEverAfter
  10. InseparableLove
  11. LoveGoals
  12. Heartthrobs
  13. EndlessLoveStory
  14. PerfectPair
  15. LoveNest
  16. LoveInBloom
  17. Sweethearts
  18. HeartEyesOnly
  19. LoveTakesOver
  20. LoveAndHappiness.

Tips to frame customized usernames or to choose the username that lets you stand out of the crowd

For Girls and Boys Usernames

  • Username comprising a combination of two words with special characters in between is highly recommended.

Ex: firstword (specialcharacter) secondword

  • Firstly, know what you want your username to describe you or what part of you, like your attitude, your thoughts, your hobbies or colors, and others.

Ex: black (for girls), freak (for boys)

  • Secondly, realize how to address yourself such as lady, woman, a diva for girl or boy, man, rider, for a boy, or if you want to use your own name that would fit a better way too.

Ex: pearl (for girls), rider (for boys)

  • When done with figuring out the two words, analyze if the combination of them makes sense? Or sounds weird? Little weird would not do much but make sure that it doesn’t make you seem off the wall.

Here we formed the combination of blackpearl, and freakrider. Sounds good!

  • If you find the combination perfect for your username, move on to place some symbols in between, few can do well while more can make it appear cluttered.

For girls: black_pearl, or black*pearl, or BlAckpEarl etc.,

For boys: freak_rider, or freak*rider, or FrEakRidER etc.,

  • You can also flip the combination of the words, to know if they sound more luring the other way.

In our case, the flipped combination would be pearl_black, not too good as black_pearl. Right? But rider_freak sounds as good as freak_rider.

So, try both the ways and choose the one that suits you the best.

Note: Keep in mind the character limit for the username and choose the words accordingly.

Usernames For Couples and Lovers

Because they always seek to appear as a pair, it is important to have a username that displays you and your loved one or better half as a pair.

Here are few tips on how to frame a customized username or choose a username for couple or lovers:

  • The username for a couple should reflect their bond, so the username that is the combination of you and your partner’s name is highly recommended.
  • Also try including your lucky numbers, special characters in the username.

Note: Make sure the name sounds as a pair and not an individual’s name, use only a few numbers and special characters to avoid clutter.

How can Name generators be useful?

Well, most of the names you find on the internet might have already caught other’s eyes and or might already be in use. So, if you want your username to be unique and quirky then you will need an extra hand.

Instagram name generators can be that extra pair of hands for you to find a perfect username.

  • It asks for your seed words like nicknames, hobbies, numbers, the field of interest and provides you with the list of suitable usernames that are the combinations of your seed words.
  • It also allows you to check the availability of the username you chose on different social media networks.

Few of the best Instagram username generators are

  • SpinXO
  • Jimpix
  • LingoJam
  • Usernamegenerator

Note: Each Instagram Name generator has different methods of generating the names, so choose the one which is more sophisticated and efficient in providing the options.

Read this guide if you want to change your Instagram username without losing followers.

Closing thoughts

An Instagram username plays a vital role for both personal and business account. So, make sure the username you chose relates to you in both the cases of personal and business accounts.

So, go find the one that suits you the best.

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