Change Your Instagram Username (without losing followers)

Change Your Instagram Username (without losing followers)

Have you ever tried to rebrand or just change your Instagram username?

I did that for this very blog and was kind of baffled at first.

Do I start a new account altogether?

Do I just switch the name and not say anything? All mysterious-like in the middle of the night and hope no one notices?

But what about all of the links in my past posts with my previous Instagram username?


It shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right?

Except that it was. I had spent time and energy capturing the perfect images to represent my brand for a few months. Even more, time coming up with perfect captions. And interacting with other blogging accounts…

I knew I wanted to change my Instagram username BUT I didn’t want all of my hard work going down the drain.

I finally came up with a system (through trial and error and googling) for how to change your Instagram username. Without losing followers or the awkwardness of a reader landing on the wrong Instagram account.

Quick note: this actually works for all social media accounts, but to keep it simple, I’m focusing on Instagram as an example. Let me know if you have questions on any other social media account.

How to Change Your Instagram Username (without losing followers)

Let’s say I want to change my Instagram username from @alovesblogging to @makeovermyblog (which I actually did. and I can never make up my mind so I might change it back…don’t judge me!).

1. Make sure your new username is available on Instagram.

Pro tip: while you’re at it, make sure it’s available on ALL social media outlets. That way you can tell people to find you at the one handle #alltheplaces.

2. Create an account with the new username. A new e-mail address may be necessary, although you might just need to give Instagram your phone number for verification.

Pro Tip: This step you can pause on if you feel the need to make sure you want to make the change. I know. These things are serious business.

3. Change something small on your newly created account.

Ex: @makeovermyblog, I would change it to @makeovermyblog1.

Pro Tip: Steps 3-5 I always feel the need to move quickly. You know, in case someone swoops in and steals your shiny new Instagram username. How awful would that be???

4. Jump over to your current Instagram username and switch it to the new name.

Ex: switch @alovesblogging to @makeovermyblog

But you’re not done yet!

5. Jump back to your newly created account and switch it to your old Instagram username.

Say what?

This is the part where the lightbulb turned on for me. You switch it to your old username and in the description, redirect to your new Instagram username. Boom. All weird redirection problems solved.

Ex: switch @makeovermyblog1 to @alovesblogging. In the description say, “Hey friends, I’ve moved to @makeovermyblog. Follow my blog shenanigans there!”

ALB Tip: I have actually seen other brands do something similar on Instagram usernames that are close to their own to make sure their audience knows where to find them. It might be a lot of work, but it’s something to consider. Like maybe I should create @amandalovesblogging accounts and redirect them to @makeovermyblog..?

BONUS: You can also give extra clarification to your audience by putting in your old account description (with the new name) “formerly xinsert Instagram name herex”

Ex: In @makeovermyblog profile write, “Formerly @alovesblogging”

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Does that all make sense? Like I said, you should be able to do this with most of your social media accounts except for snapchat (I cannot figure out how to change that username). I’ve been successful with switching my Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts like this.

So that’s how to change your Instagram username without losing followers! (I mean, hopefully, your followers will still love you if you change your username.)

Tell me…

Do you have anything to add to this? Am I the only one who was deer-in-the-headlights when trying to change my Instagram username?

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