10 Best Domain Name Registrars {Updated For 2020}

10 Best Domain Name Registrars {Updated For 2020}

Selecting a best domain name registrar for your website is really a tough task that needs to be done very carefully.

The world of technology has been developed up to a great extent from the past few years and there are more than 3,000 accredited domain name registrars available in the market today.

The accredited domain registrars may confuse you a little and to resolve all of your queries; accredited domain registrars are the ones who are accredited by ICANN to act as registrars in one or more generic top-level domains (gTLDs).

Today we are here with the 10 best places to register a domain name for the year 2020; just have a glance at that.

Best Domain Name Registrars To Register Your Domain Name in 2020

Here is our updated list of top 10 best domain name registrars in 2020.


godaddy domain registrar

GoDaddy is one of the leading domain names globally which includes a market share of about 16%. The domain is currently used by more than 54 million names which are really a huge count. GoDaddy is an ICANN accredited company which covers a large number of classic and new generic domain extensions. Moreover, it also offers domain auctions which enable you to get various existing domain names also with a very great ease.

GoDaddy is basically known for providing low heading services in the market. It is one of the old domain hosting company from where you can easily by a domain name at the cost of $14.99 per year, but you can also register for a domain by just spending $0.99 through its various running promos. You can also get a free domain when you buy a web hosting plan from Godaddy.


namecheap domain registrar

NameCheap is a smaller and newer addition in the field of domain name registrars when it comes off towards comparing with GoDaddy. It includes a list of more than 1.3 million domain names registered under its title. NameCheap includes about 0.4% of the market share which is not bad overall. It is one of the best ICAMM accredited companies which is recently gaining a lot of momentum in the marketplace due to the affordable prices it offers to the clients.

NameCheap is really a better option than GoDaddy as it offers some extra products and services with a cluttered layout. It is one of the best places where you can get classic domain name extensions; most country specific domain extensions and a pretty amount of new generic domain name extensions at aver fare price ranges. you can easily get WHOIS privacy package for free of cost; one integrated email account for free, additional accounts at the cost of $0.25 per month, shared hosting for $9.88 for the first year, VPS hosting for $19.95 per month, SSL certificate for $1.99 for first year and Premium DNS for $4.88 per year.


1and1 ionos domain registrar

1&1 IONOS is another bigger name in the series of best domain name registrars which has earned more than 5.5 million domain names under its care till now. It is a Germany based domain registrars which are currently working in few of the countries worldwide and includes about 1.6% of the total market share.  1&1 is an ICANN-accredited company which is currently offering classic TDLs, some country-specific TLDs and a wide range of new generic TLDs.

1&1 IONOS is offering its services at the affordable price tags in the market. You have to pay $7.99 for one month package of all in one package, $0.99 for basic WordPress package, $9.99 for managed hosting, and $6.99 for office 365 per month which is really very fare to the amazing services it is providing to the clients.


enom domain registrar

Enom is one of the leading domain name registrar and the silver medalist which is being used by more than 12 million users till date. As per the number of clients, it is just behind GoDaddy with 3.6% overall. It is an ICANN accredited company which is currently serving in different countries globally with different sister concerns. You can get a good range of new generic TLDs and a few of the country-specific TLDs.

For all those who are willing to know about the wonderful packages Enom offering to its clients at the different price range, we are discussing it with you in detail. Enom offers G Suite by Google Cloud at the cost of $4.75 per month, WHOIS Privacy for $8 per year, SSL certificates for $12.95 per year, access to a site builder at $5.99 per month and shared hosting at the cost of $5.96 per month.


Gandi.net Domain Registrar

Gandi is one of the leading domain registrar established in the year 1999. This wonderful domain registrar is currently used by more than 1.5 million people worldwide along with more than 350 different domain extensions. It is one finest platform which is also very upfront with pricing as well. You need to have pay differently for each service entails. It charges about $15.50 for registering a domain and $8.00 for domain transferring.

Gandi is one of the oldest domain registrars which offers you clear and simple domain registration that you ever had. The platform includes an updated list of top-level domain options and articles as well. The domain registration comes up with WHOIS privacy protection which prevents your personal information from being getting public. Other most amazing features it includes are; two email boxes with 1,000 aliases, LiveDNS, SSL Certificates and much more.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions Domain Registrar

Network Solutions is one of the most popular and flexible domain registrars and hosting provider which is currently serving in different countries globally. As we have mentioned you earlier that it is one of the flexible domain registrars and hence mix and match hosting and domain solutions so that you could best solutions you ever had.

It is one of the affordable domain registrars which enable you to get domain extensions just at the cost of $9.99 per month. One of the best things about this wonderful platform is the 24*7 services it offers to its clients. Moreover, it is extremely tech savvy which you can easily use for solving various issues. The only set back with this domain registrar is the complexity of the interface which is somewhat hard to figure out. But you really don’t need to worry about that also as the 24*7 handy support team is there to help you out.


Domain com domain registrar

Domain.com is well-known domain registrar which enables you to enjoy ads free streaming. The domain name registrar is owning more than 0.7% of the market share and has included more than 2.4 million domain name under its care. Domain.com is an ICANN accredited company which offers all classic TLDs, some country-specific TLDs and new generic TLDs to the customers.

It is one of the most affordable domain name registrars which charges $31.99 per year for SSL Certificates, $4.17 per month for G Suite by Google, $3.75 per month for WordPress hosting, and $29.70 for VPS hosting.


register com domain registrar

Register.com is another best option in the series which was developed around 1994. It is one of the tops most ICANN accredited companies serving more than 2.2 million domain names till date. It offers 0.6% of the market share now and the list is still growing at a very fast pace. This wonderful domain registrar is offering more than 300 TLDs overall along with classic TLDs, a wide range of country-specific TLDs and new generic TLDs.

If we talk about the services offered; Register.com offers WHOIS privacy package at the cost of $11 per year along with $10 domain expiration protection per piece, standard hosting at the cost of $5.95, SSL certificates for $24, single user basic email at $39.00 per year, multi-user business email at $169.90 per year and some additional website builder tools which users can use it for standard websites and e-commerce stores.


name.com domain registrar

Name.com is one of the finest domain registrars which are a perfect source taking a special care of all of your website needs. It offers you various amazing tools like hosting, email, and DIY website along with simple domain registration which really makes your working experience very smooth. Moreover, the pricing of this wonderful domain name registrar is also very straightforward and you don’t need to pay for any hidden charges at all.

It only charges $12.99 for a starter and $10.99 which is really fits well with the amazing features it includes. One of the coolest features of this wonderful domain name registrars the built-in search interface which really makes you see the domain extension you are currently using. Moreover, you can also purchase various add-on services also along with WHOIS privacy protection.


bigrock domain registrar

Last but not the least Big Rock is another most popular domain name registrar in the list which includes more than 6 million happy customers for the website domain registration, web hosting, servers etc. it offers various plans for registering different domain names which start from Rs. 99 per year to Rs. 599 per year.

Bigrock is one of the most affordable domain name registrars which includes various top class web hosting services which enables your business to improve your business much more. it offers you various amazing services such as domain name registration, email hosting, website hosting, web designing, VPS hosting and much more.

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