Simply Pro Theme by Studio Press Review

Simply Pro Theme by Studio Press Review

If you read about Clare’s blog makeover, you know I used the Simply Pro Theme and had quite a bit of mixed feelings about it. Overall, I think it’s a great WordPress theme to use if you’re looking for a simple and clean look, but I had a few issues with it.

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m a big fan of the StudioPress blog themes. They are fairly easy to install and style even if you don’t know a lot about coding.

I’m not a trained graphic designer or website designer and I strictly use StudioPress for all of my blog makeovers. Part of my frustration about the Simply Pro Theme came from the fact that it was StudioPress’ latest featured theme, but there were some fundamental details (to me) that were missing. And since I’m not a trained web designer and use very limited coding, I was forced to use plugins to remedy some of the issues.

This does, however mean that the issues can be resolved..even if you don’t know coding.

If you’re thinking about purchasing the Simply Pro Theme, here are some things you may want to consider.

Pros of the Simply Pro Theme on StudioPress:

-Super simple. Just like the name suggests.

-Cool menu that stays at the top of the blog even when you scroll. I believe this is called a “sticky” menu if you want to get all technical.

-Nice, clean layout. Very trendy with flat buttons and modern simple styling.

-It’s super easy to edit the colors. No coding necessary.

-Special spot at the top of the homepage for a slider or anything you want people to know when they first arrive on your blog.

Cons of the Simply Pro Theme on StudioPress:

Some of these issues I actually didn’t realize until Clare’s readers pointed them out. They were used to a certain level of functionality on her site and when it was taken away, they definitely noticed. Here were the issues we noticed.

-Header space is super small. Like small enough it has to fit into the menu bar.

-Only 1 footer area. (this might be normal, but I’m used to the Foodie Pro theme which has 4!)

-No “next page” navigation.

-Comments on mobile are super funky. Users report that all comments come out capitalized. (so weird!)

Easy fixes for some of the Simply Pro Theme issues (without coding):

-For the footer issue: Installing the Widget CSS Classes. This plugin allows you to divide the space each widget is in into thirds. For example, if you put one-third first, one-third second, one-third last in 3 consecutive plugins in the footer, they should sit in three separate columns horizontally.

-For the comment issue: I suggested to Claire she either use a plugin like Disqus OR activate Jetpack comments.

-For the next page issue: The plugin called WP Post Navigation is the closest plugin I’ve found. It works, just not 100% (when I tested it on my blog at least. it seems to be working for Clare.)

Again, the Simply Pro Theme is highly functional and looks simple and clean (and therefore super modern). If you aren’t bothered by any of these issues, definitely consider using it!

Tell me…

Have you ever installed a theme before?

Would those issues bother you?

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