How Starting a Wedding Blog Helped Me Reduce Wedding Stress

How Starting a Wedding Blog Helped Me Reduce Wedding Stress

The stress of the wedding was getting to me and in the midst of all the to-do lists I did something that helped a lot: I started a wedding blog.

So if you have already signed up to receive e-mails from this site, you already know I’m a little busy. Stuff like work, design clients, starting school again and…setting a date on our wedding.

Something about setting a date changed my mentality on getting married. All of the planning I was secretly grateful to be putting off for the last year felt like it all came back to smack me in the face.

Wedding Stress

For most of us, people planning a wedding…this is our first time ever doing anything like this. Yes, maybe we’ve been in a wedding or been to a few, but speaking for myself for example…I’ve never booked a caterer in my life. I’ve never had to plan a party for more than 25 people, let alone 300.

It’s stressful to think about all of the planning and involving all of the people and having a Pinterest-worthy wedding.

I’m also pretty introverted, so the idea of having hundreds of people looking at me all day and night is also stressful for me.

Revelation: I Could Create a Wedding Blog

One of the things on my to-do list was to set up a wedding site where people could get directions, details on where we are registered, etc. I had seen other friends sign up for something like this on or other free sites, so that’s what I was planning on doing.

Then I had a realization…don’t I know how to set up my own site?

So I did what I do best…started another blog. Ha!

A wedding blog to be exact.

The beginning idea was to just have it be a place where I would keep the details of the event, the registries and maybe a cute story about how Dave and I met. Simple simple.

But then I did what I also do very well…made an impulsive decision that I would also be blogging along the way. That meant making the site super pretty, setting up e-mail alerts, widgets and all of the things that come along with setting up a blog.

Goodness, I love that stuff. (And sometimes to a fault…Dave caught me more than once working on the blog when I was supposed to be doing homework. Oops.)

I realized along the process that just setting up a wedding blog made me feel better. The stress was already reduced once I had my URL (Domain Name). Check out the top 10 domain name registrars here.

Starting a Wedding Blog Helped Me Get Things Done I Already Wanted to Do

1. I finalized my wedding colors. You need a color scheme for a blog, right??

2. I figured out a hashtag. Don’t even question whether or not this is necessary. 😉

3. I set up a helpful website where people could go to get the deets on our big day. (Grab Godaddy web hosting with a free domain name for $1 to start your own blog).

Starting a Wedding Blog Helped Me Replace Wedding Stress with Excitement and Positivity

Not everyone has dreamed of their wedding since they were little. Some of us are introverts whose last idea of a fun time is putting together a giant party where everyone will look at us.

Like I keep telling Dave..I’m fine with a small backyard wedding. But that’s not our reality. So I needed to change my attitude and the blog has really helped.

1. It made the process fun because I get to share it with people I love. This is something that I think we all love to do especially in the age of social media and (over) sharing online. It makes it feel like other people are in this with you which helps reduce wedding stress a whole lot. I’ve even gotten some great suggestions from friends on how they did things.

2. It also helped me to get organized. I have tabs for things I want to accomplish. Drafted posts of things I am going to do or topics I want to chat about with readers.

3. Starting a wedding blog has also helped me reflect on the process and has the same effects of writing in a journal. Basically it’s a cheap form of therapy which is awfully handy when planning a wedding.

4. It also helped me to focus on the things that matter–my soon-to-be-hubby and family and friends who will be sharing our big day!

Let’s chat…

Have you ever had a wedding blog? Do you want to start a wedding blog? (ps I can help! comment below.)

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