Best Instagram Bios

Best Instagram Bios

We live in a virtual world these days and the digital presence has become much more prominent compared to the physical one. The use of the Internet has increased exponentially over the last decade which leads to social media connecting people for various reasons.

Instagram is one such social media which connects people globally for various reasons – it could something of a personal choice to connect to other or even business-related choice.

Today, we will discuss Instagram, the platform that provides people a place to express, sell and build relationships. Instagram began as an App which is used to connect with people via photos. And, now the App has developed to be one of the best platforms for e-commerce, marketing, and brand recognition.

Instagram – Power of the Platform

The stronger the platform you work on, the better the results will be. Over the last few years, Instagram has been building a sturdy foundation even being a social media platform. We all know about the recent Instagram – Business feature update which has opened up a lot of options for e-commerce.

The platform is the essential part for any business to survive. Instagram has been a photo and video sharing platform which is more than enough to share your personal and professional information.

This platform cannot be underestimated since there are limitless possibilities. You can be a casual- funny – weird – horrific – sensitive – introvert-extrovert user, you can still express yourself as you please.

It is always better to be transparent with what you do and who you are. That is the best way to describe yourself, connect worldwide to build new relationships. You have everything available in the platform – Instagram. You can use it as you wish.

We will discuss various types of users, how to improve your existing bio or create a new and unique one. Each and every one is unique in their own way, we need to respect that fact. Instagram acts as your virtual face since it can support only photo and video uploads.

Even with such limitations, Instagram can be called as a competitor for Facebook. Facebook owns Instagram however, Instagram is as popular as Facebook in its own way.

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Types of Instagram Bios

As we discussed earlier, there are different types of people which arise to the topic at hand – types of bios. Everyone will have their unique style or font to express their Instagram profile (bio). Depending on the purpose of creating a new account, the bio will differ.

We will concentrate only on the best bio based on personal accounts only. It is natural for all to think that their profile should be unique, somehow different from other profiles. How does one make it look unique? How does one make their profile stand out?

It all depends on yourself, don’t copy concepts from others. Try to create something new, it is difficult but, there is always a chance that you might end up with something extraordinary when you try. Let’s check out different types of bio, you might like a few examples as well.

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Cute/Cool Instagram Bios

We know the good and bad about the Internet, it spreads more negativity than you see. Let’s change that with a cute bio and bring some positive thoughts around. It is always good to see some good things around.

People get attracted towards it in no time and you will start to see more and more people visiting your profile just to re-read the bio. It will certainly help you connect with people and build a fruitful relationship. Being cute isn’t limited based on gender.

Being a guy, you could still be positive on your profile in your own way, so think about it before you judge this section is exclusive for the female gender.

Here are a few examples of some of the best Instagram bios. I would recommend using these examples for reference and try to come up with something on your own.

  • The sweetest joy and wildest feeling are love
  • Life is all about making things better for yourself and the people around you
  • Too busy to be upset
  • Doing something legendary, don’t disturb if you want to talk about someone else
  • A book full of problems has a solution, a life full of problems will to!
  • Sometimes, it is better to alone. You cannot be hurt by anyone
  • Spread the light by being a candle if not reflect that brightness by being a mirror
  • Don’t forget to smile
  • The virtual relationship doesn’t last long but a pizza does
  • Fallen in love many times and I keep falling for you again and again
  • Just a cupcake looking for a stud muffin
  • Here comes Friday is much better than tomorrow is Monday
  • Quit wearing those shirts when you don’t even hear that band
  • Proudest geek and nerd
  • Silence tells a lot about someone rather than talking
  • Making history
  • Eat… sleep… game/flirt/regret… repeat
  • Here to avoid Facebook
  • Chocolate always understands
  • Lurker, stalker here
  • Caffeine-addicted life form
  • Build a door and open it, opportunity doesn’t knock anymore
  • You survive and you die… I live and I die… know the difference
  • Always distracted, unreliable one here
  • I don’t like the picture but I’m starting to like Instagram

Weird/Funny Instagram Bios

There is a fine line between being funny and weird. People are not scared to express their weird self online since it is an open platform to express your true self. Some might fake it but, you will be shocked to see some funny and weird bios. It could be some awful or even disgusting fact about one’s self.

Instagram allows very less space for words since it is mainly photo and video sharing platform. People tend to exploit that word space to provide as weird or funny phrases as possible in the space allotted for Bio.

Let’s have a look at some of the funny and weird bio posted on Instagram. This could give you ideas to make your own funny or weird bio.

  • I will go to survival mode if tickled
  • In search of sleep, sanity and the Shire
  • Too lazy to throw the apple core so ate it
  • Recovering ice cream addict
  • Lack of motivation is stopping me from being a good guy
  • Netflix, Oreo, and sweatpants – my relationship status
  • I recently gave up Warcraft, so my productivity, drinking, and smoking have gone up exponentially
  • Nice guys finish lunch
  • Spreading smiles like herpes
  • Haven’t done in a while, so go back and come to check some other time
  • Making his-story
  • Insert pretentious stuff about myself here
  • Just another paper cut survivor
  • One tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor
  • Screw it – my final thought before making any decision
  • The road to success is always under construction
  • I’m the only one on Instagram who doesn’t claim to be a Social Media Guru
  • Ultimate statistics – ten out of ten dies, we are a part of it I’m sure
  • People think I’m joking when I’m really mean, but I’m not!
  • Stay messy
  • Stupid people say – be yourself, I can’t be someone else even if I wanted to… Duh
  • Happy after a breakup, the female trouble is no more
  • I only rap occasionally
  • In search of the guy who prepared my last taco, worst taco ever!!!
  • Absolute awkward, proud to be geek and nerd, world sucking decreaser
  • Run, it’s the pale face, white lips humans
  • I wear glasses since I cannot see properly, not showing off as being smart

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Motivational Instagram Bios

Everyone has passion, however, that passion may not have the same amount of fire burning inside to pursue it. It could waver over time; these types of bios remind you of your passion and keep the fire burning as high as possible.

Motivation can be from anything, anyone or any place. It has no limitations since everyone is unique and have their own faith and beliefs. You could get motivated spiritually, materialistic, emotionally or many more ways. It all depends on seeing something good and believing in it.

There are many motivational speakers we have heard about and many more emerging from the shadows. You could follow these people to keep yourself motivated. These types of Bio often share stuff which makes you feel good about yourself.

Let’s check out some of the best motivational bios on Instagram. Just a reminder, you could be motivating people even without your knowledge, keep doing what you are doing.

  • Sometimes you never realize the value of a moment until it becomes a memory
  • Speak your mind but don’t reveal what you think
  • Play the game as like own it, not just another user
  • Best of me is yet to come
  • I’ll win, not immediately but definitely
  • Legend under construction
  • Smile, it helps you be healthy and spread more of it
  • Better than oops than what if
  • Ice cream is cheaper than therapy
  • If plan ‘A’ didn’t work, don’t forget that 25 more letters are left
  • I work for money, for loyalty to hire a dog
  • Be yourself!
  • 9 to 5 job never made anyone millionaire, it’s what I know
  • I thought I wanted a career, in reality, I just needed paychecks
  • Life is too short for regrets or revenge, don’t waste it
  • When you want to succeed as bad as u breathe, you will succeed
  • Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument
  • Learn to dance in the rain rather than waiting for the storm to pass
  • I gave up since it was the easy way out but, I shouldn’t have since I was that close to success
  • Do one thing that scares you every day
  • Make every second count since money cannot buy them back
  • Live for yourself, not for someone else
  • The better you the higher you climb
  • Just take the first step without looking at the whole staircase
  • I live to succeed, not to please anyone

Creative Instagram Bios

Creativity comes from imagination; a broad thought process leads to thinking of new and innovative things. Being creative always helps to see things from a different perspective. It can be applied in any part of life – work, personal life, married life and more.

The same thing applies to write a creative bio on a social media platform. You need not worry about pleasing others to write something creative but, you could always feel better when you are being creative.

Let’s check some of the best creative bios on Instagram, it’ll give an idea about creating your own bio with innovative thinking.

  • Follow me to know me
  • Virtual planet of a happy soul
  • I wrote my bio but, someone stole it I guess
  • Visit my bio, it is free of cost
  • Impossible is invalid in my life
  • Only follow me, don’t be a stalker
  • Love or hate me, you don’t need my approval for either
  • I feel good to do good
  • I’m not perfect but, I’m unique
  • Searching my peace of mind, if found please redirect here
  • Snooze is available to keep the dream alive-hit it!
  • The dog never bit me, just humans
  • The free course of being fabulous-follow me
  • Damn-I’m competing with myself
  • Learn from the mistake of others who take your advice
  • I can’t even pay attention since I’m poor
  • Break-up/heart-break/make-up/catch-up, I’m still trying to wake up before 10
  • The mystery is my mistress
  • None die a virgin, life screws us all
  • A being trying to be human
  • Lost in a non-existing world
  • Analog by birth defaulted to digital
  • Fabulo-us shows us is better than I
  • Don’t argue, just ignore
  • God bless this hot mess

Hashtags – Brand Recognition

I’d like to say that many people use hashtags without knowing its importance. Someone famous did it, so their fans follow them. Hashtags look cooler than normal words but harder to read, to be honest.

Hashtags for any brand or company should be unique. Every time the hashtag of your brand is used, it triggers the name to be highlighted in the digital world. This happens with or without the user’s knowledge.

This is one of the effective methods to improve your brand recognition in the digital world. We all know Instagram is a well saturated and stable Social Media platform which has started its own Business sector in the most recent update.

However, people have been using this platform for advertising their brands, products, selling via regular profiles and more. It has become much easier to improve your brand name while you sell and in the same way demote your brand too.

You need to be careful about what you write about the products since it is visible to the entire populace who use this platform. Hashtagging every time a new product or a discount offer for your brand improves its visibility and thereby improves sales. This is indirect marketing which is quite effective.

A Few Words to Finish

I hope you will find the information we discussed to be helpful for your own personal or business Instagram profile. The creative or uniqueness in your profile/bio will reflect on yourself or the brand, please keep that point in mind while you write one.

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