7 Free Ways to Promote Your Website

7 Free Ways to Promote Your Website

Building your own website for business is just the beginning. If nobody sees your website, then all of the effort you have put in to for setting up the website, will go directly in to the trash. However, the world of website promotion can be very daunting, confusing and expensive too.

Everybody does not have the financial budget to organize paid advertising campaigns and event sponsorships. In that case, one needs to have a brief idea about some of the tried and tested strategies, which they can use in order to promote the website and increase the traffic at the same time.

So, here in this article, you are supposed to get to know about some of those strategies that can help you to promote your website without spending a single penny on.

Effective ways to help promoting your website

In order to gain some fruitful outcomes, you need to get these following methods on work. So, let’s get to know about those points.

Guest blogging 

Guest blogging is known to be one of the most effective methods to help establishing presence within your niche. You need to grow your backlink profile and make some connections with the people who are in this industry. This technique will help you promote the website in the long run.

The time, you are writing blogs for prominent sites, you are putting an effort in a prime place for your contents to reach out the right people. If people are interested on your topic, then they will obviously want to look for more of the same.

However, you need to remember that you want to blog on the right place and also for the right people too. For this reason, you have to find out some of the best blogs to set the target on them. If you are willing to post blogs outside of your niche, then it will never help you gain much traffic on your website.

While you are writing your own blog post, you can simply link your other written post on that to make people click on those links to get directed on your older articles.

Search engine optimization 

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of getting your websites ranked highly on search engines, like Google. Imagine, you are selling flowers and while searched on the Google about flower delivery services, your website comes on the top. Now think, how much traffic your website would get from this ranking.

Even, it can considered that this technique brings consistent, passive traffic onto your website. Those who look for long term achievements, they can easily find this technique to be super helpful for them.

The time, you publish your article for the first time, you can see a nice boost on it, but after some days, this boost fades away. In that case, to keep the boost on high, you need some SEO experts to work on it.

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Reddit is a place where one can easily share and discuss about any topic that does not go against the rules it’s millions of users. Redditors are incredibly smart and equally skeptical. They can easily smell the advertisements and drop a ban on you.

In that case, you will have to think about the marathon race instead of sprint. You need to prove that, there are something on your bucket before saying it actually. For this, you need to identify your niche and think the way redditors think usually.


Quora is an online forum or question answer site that is totally operated by its users. The forum is user generated and for that, as an user, you can choose to answer or ask questions. Quora can be considered as a knowledge market and you can choose to answer few questions based on your niche.

You can promote your articles by sharing some links in your answer and also you can mention the name of the service.


All of us are quite familiar with social media platforms to a certain level. But, it is true that being a daily casual user and using this platform for marketing is quite different. In Facebook, most of the people are on there who you know and for that reason, it does not need any introduction.

Billions of people are using and one can easily create a page for marketing and also they can promote their business on social groups of Facebook.


Twitter is also known as a social media platform but it is also known as an all in one approach to hit your business objectives. People are using it to generate leads, promote their website and also to increase their brand awareness. Even you can easily support your customers through it.

However, for the best outcome, you need to post some contents that are highly engaging and can be shared. You can also promise some rewards in exchange of retweets. These kinds of techniques help a lot in social media promotion for any business marketing and you can use it too.

Blogger outreach

Outreaching is really important strategy as you are able to get your contents in front of bloggers and influencers who belong to your industry. Connecting them is helpful for the aim of getting them to talk about you or link to you. In short, it can be said that it is just a simple form of reaching out people and asking for a link back to your website.

But, before you start, you need to know the people you are trying to reach out. The decision of giving you a backlink should be made by a real person instead of a machine. Precisely, outreach is communication and this should be effective.

In order to gain that, you need to patience, research skills, social savviness and salesmanship to a certain extent. However, from now on, you know that you need to target websites that are relevant to your content.

So, these are some of the techniques that can help you increase the traffic on your website without spending money. You can also respond to comments people will leave on your website or posts and get them engaged in a conversation.

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